Angels and Airwaves: Love


Love is the third album from Angels and Airwaves. By this point, Tom Delonge had managed to really settle into his post-blink-182 band but was at the same time in the process of touring and slowly working on material with blink-182 again. It seems like he stayed very focused on this band during that time and kept it as his main priority. Love sounds like a mix of the bands first two albums and doesn’t really do much to depart from the established sound. The sound is a blend of guitars, synthesizers, and space-like soundscapes and this album seems to really push these elements further than the prior two albums. Lyrically the album is really good and clever. The album has a fluidity to it that pulls all of the songs together well making it a sort of epic journey from beginning to end. And if you couldn’t tell from the title, the album is made up mostly of songs that deal with love in terms of romantic love for the most part but also branch into broader unity in songs like Epic Holiday, The Moon Atomic, Soul Survivior (2012), and Letters To God Part II. Speaking of that last song Letters To God, Part II, it is intended to be a sequel to the Boxcar Racer song Letters To God. Thematically it works as a sequel but the styles are much different of coarse as Boxcar Racer was post-hardcore punk. This album is ambitious but not the best this band has released. The guitar work sounds very repetitive at times which isn’t something you hear much of from Tom Delonge.

1. Et Ducit Mundum Per Luce   4 stars
2. The Flight of Apollo   5 stars
3. Young London   4.5 stars
4. Shove   4 stars
5. Epic Holiday   4 stars
6. Hallucinations   5 stars
7. The Moon-Atomic (…Fragments and Fictions)   3.5 stars
8. Clever Love   3 stars
9. Soul Survivor (…2012)   3.5 stars
10. Letters To God, Part II   4 stars
11. Some Origins of Fire   3 stars

Grade: 79.09 (C+)


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