Matchbox Twenty: More Than You Think You Are

More Than You Think You Are - Cover Art


More Than You Think You Are was the third album from Matchbox Twenty following up two pretty good albums that generated some big hits. If you look back to the bands prior album, Mad Season, they threw in some horns on the track Black and White People which was something new and expansive. This album also brings in some unique outside instrumentation for one of it’s biggest hits, Unwell. The track blends some beautiful Madeline work along side the guitars. This unique quality is something that takes a great song and aids in catapulting it to an instant classic. While most of the hit singles are in the first half of the album, the whole thing plays out very well as a whole. These songs are all very well crafted so that they tone, lyrics, and instrumentals really compliment each-other. When a band can coordinate these three aspects of a song as well as Matchbox Twenty does on this album you are sure to get something special. There is this rich texture that is so unique to this band that just sounds and feels so good. This album is a good example of that texture.

1. Feel  4 stars
2. Disease  
5 stars
3. Bright Lights  
5 stars
4. Unwell  
5 stars
5. Cold  
4.5 stars
6. All I Need  
4.5 stars
7. Hand Me Down  
4 stars
8. Could I Be You  
4.5 stars
9. Downfall  
4.5 stars
10. Soul  
4.5 stars
11. You’re So Real  
4 stars
12. The Difference  
4.5 stars

Grade: 90.0 (A-)


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