Green Day: American Idiot

American Idiot is one of the most iconic albums from Green Day but whether it is the bands “best” is up for debate. It’s definitely one of the bands biggest and boldest releases. While the band usually stuck to a more straightforward, punk rooted style of album which banked on songs that where fast paced and usually stayed around or under the 3 minute mark for the most part; American Idiot has a few shorter songs woven into the structure of longer ballads. The  songs on this album sound instrumentally different and more full than on the bands prior records due to added instrumentals and multiple guitar tracks in some cases. I personally believe this is what resulted in some fans saying the band “wasn’t/isn’t punk anymore”…Which is dumb. American Idiot is very much, a punk rock album that poses some very politically charged messages woven into the beautiful narrative of the character “St. Jimmy”, who is used as a vehicle by which we are shown the chaos and beauty of the world of that time. The title track American Idiot deals heavily with the manipulation of the public through mass media…Sadly, an issue we still seem to be plagued by here in 2017. Musically, this album was a big step for the band as it showed a lot of maturity, growth, and artistic nature to try something new while holding true to their iconic sound.

1. American Idiot   5 stars
2. Jesus of Suburbia   5 stars
3. Holiday   5 stars
4. Boulevard of Broken Dreams   5 stars
5. Are We The Waiting  5 stars
6. St. Jimmy   5 stars
7. Give Me Novacaine  4.5 stars
8. She’s a Rebel   5 stars
9. Extraordinary Girl   4.5 stars
10. Letterbomb   5 stars
11. Wake Me Up When September Ends   5 stars
12. Homecoming   4.5 stars
13. Whatsername   5 stars

Grade: 97.69 (A+)


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