Jimmy Eat World: Futures



Jimmy Eat World broke onto the rock scene and surely left a mark with the release of their 2001 album, Bleed American. As we know, it’s not easy for any musician to top such a massively successful album but what needs to be noted is that this band definitely kept things moving in a good direction. Futures is a vibrant album full of heart that continues on the path that was laid out. There is an overhanging tone and feel that is like a mix between melancholy and passion. I wouldn’t say this album is depressing but what it does so well is that it dives into these deep emotions that could result in depressing sounding music but, finds a way to come off as more optimistic, euphoric, and overall captivating. This album is still as great today as it was 13 years ago…If not better. This album has aged like a fine wine. I think this is a band that can be overlooked at times and this album is a good example of their abilities. These songs will pull you into another place emotionally and mentally. It’s captivating!

1. Futures   5 stars
2. Just Tonight   4.5 stars
3. Work   5 stars
4. Kill   5 stars
5. The World You Love   4 stars
6. Pain   5 stars
7. Drugs or Me   4 stars
8. Polaris   4.5 stars
9. Nothing Wrong   5 stars
10. Night Drive   4 stars
11. 23   5 stars

Grade: 92.73 (A-)


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