Coldplay: A Head Full of Dreams


A Head Full of Dreams has this magical nature to it. The album artwork is a good visualization of the albums tone and style. It really demonstrates this sense of wonder and beauty through its instrumentals, lyrics, and overall vibe. You can really hear the emotion put into the delivery of tracks like Everglow, Fun, and Army of One/X Marks the Spot. Those are the moments when this album really shines aside from the singles A Head Full of Dreams and Hymn for the Weekend. The album has an overall relaxing and vibrant nature that makes it almost soothing to listen to. This makes for a pretty enjoyable listen in a mellow setting.

1. A Head Full of Dreams   5 stars
2. Birds   4.5 stars
3. Hymn For The Weekend   5 stars
4. Everglow   4.5 stars
5. Adventure of a Lifetime   5 stars
6. Fun   4 stars
7. Kaleidoscope   2.5 stars
8. Army of One/ X Marks the Spot   5 stars
9. Amazing Day   4 stars
10. Colour Spectrum   4 stars
11. Up & Up   4.5 stars

Grade: 87.27 (B+)


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