Green Day: Tre!


Tre! is the third album in the trilogy of albums that Green Day released in 2012. This one sounds and feels much less chaotic than Uno! and Dos! Uno lives in the pop-punk realm, Dos lives in a garage rock realm, and Tre is more-so in the realm of stadium rock. These three albums tend to rank low on the radar of most of the bands fan-base but you have to appreciate the band for trying something different in this big, broad project. Tre feels more thoughtful with songs like Missing You, X-Kid, Amanda, Walk Away, and The Forgotten. And we can’t forget the antithetic hit 99 Revolutions! In comparison to Uno and Dos I would place this album a pretty close 2nd after Uno in ranking the three albums.

1. Brutal Love   4 stars
2. Missing You   5 stars
3. 8th Avenue Serenade   4 stars
4. Drama Queen   3 stars
5. X-Kid   4.5 stars
6. Sex, Drugs & Violence   5 stars
7. Little Boy Named Train   4 stars
8. Amanda   4 stars
9. Walk Away   4 stars
10. Dirty Rotten Bastards   3.5 stars
11. 99 Revolutions   5 stars
12. The Forgotten   5 stars

Grade: 85.0 (B)


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