Sugar Ray: 14:59


14:59 is the album that really plunged Sugar Ray into success with some of their biggest hits like Every Morning, Falls Apart, and Someday. What I appreciate about this album and many people may not know is that those hits aren’t the only good songs on it! Songs like Personal Space Invader and Glory could have also been hit singles that would have taken over the radio waves. The first track on the album teases a dark growl to the tune of what sounds like dark metal which will catch you off guard if you haven’t given this album a listen before. After the intro, the album plunges right into some catchy tunes with well placed instrumentals and a few background pop elements such as on the track Personal Space Invader. This album as a whole, has a very nice summer vibe to it that makes for easy and enjoyable listening. It has a few weak points that tend to drag it down at times but it never crashes and burns.

1. New Direction I   3 stars
2. Every Morning    5 stars
3. Falls Apart   5 stars
4. Personal Space Invader   4.5 stars
5. Live & Direct    3 stars
6. Someday   5 stars
7. Aim For Me    3.5 stars
8. Ode to the Lonely Hearted   3 stars
9. Burning Dog   3 stars
10. Even Thought   3.5 stars
11. Abracadabra   4 stars
12. Glory   5 stars
13. New Direction II   3.5 stars

Grade: 78.46 (C+)



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