Alkaline Trio: This Addiction


This Addiction is like a dark romance in the form of music. It’s not a concept album but every song seems to dive into aspects of romantic relationships which is a big reason the album has more of a somber tone and vibe to it. While, it still has a number of upbeat sounding tracks like This Addiction, Dine Dine My Darling, Piss and Vinegar, and Kick Rocks; lyrically, they all dive pretty deep into the emotional side of things. This album has element that span the bands prior work back to their roots but for the most part sounds more along the lines of Agony & Irony and Crimson. Lead Poisoning, Kick Rocks, and Those Lungs are the songs that I feel connect back to some of the bands earlier work. One interesting connection I have found is the track Eating Me Alive has a similar sound to some of the work Matt Skiba has done with his side project, Matt Skiba and the Sekrets, which released their first album, Babylon, in 2012.

1. This Addiction   5 stars
2. Dine, Dine My Darling   5 stars
3. Lead Poisoning   4 stars
4. Dead on the Floor   4.5 stars
5. The American Scream   5 stars
6. Off the Map   4 stars
7. Draculina   4.5 stars
8. Eating Me Alive   4 stars
9. Piss and Vinegar   5 stars
10. Dorothy   4 stars
11. Fine   4 stars
12. Kick Rocks   5 stars
13. Those Lungs   4 stars

Grade: 89.23 (B+)



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