New Found Glory: Coming Home


New Found Glory always seems to kind of go back and forth between more pop-punk centered albums and more alternative rock centered albums. Coming Home is one of their albums that tends to lighten up on the pop side of things and maintains more of an alternative rock sound. The themes and overall tone of this album are very centered on romance and have a this sort of longing in their delivery. This album doesn’t show the bands fun and upbeat side of things as most of their other albums tend to do at least a little. This one is all about the romantic side of things and it works pretty well. There is a reason this band is still thriving in 2017…They don’t do the same thing over and over and tend to make changes from album to album as they did here. After the more pop-punk centered Catalyst we get this more serious and toned down side. Then they followed this one up with Not Without a Fight which sort of blends the two. This is a good album and it’s just more romantic than some of the bands other ones.

1. Oxygen   5 stars
2. Hold My Hand   4 stars
3. It’s Not Your Fault   5 stars
4. On My Mind   4 stars
5. Coming Home   5 stars
6. Make Your Move   4.5 stars
7. Taken Back By You   4 stars
8. Too Good To Be   4 stars
9. Love and Pain   4.5 stars
10. Familiar Landscapes   4 stars
11. When I Die   4.5 stars
12. Connected   4 stars
13. Boulders   4 stars

Grade: 86.92 (B)


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