The Offspring: Splinter


Splinter has a bit more of a punk edge to it than some of the other Offspring albums in this era like Conspiracy of One and Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace. The Noose has this warm build that escalates and propels it into a fast paced, punk track that is reminiscent of the bands earlier albums Ignition and Smash. They also show this faster, angst driven, punk style on songs like Long Way Home, Never Gonna Find Me, Lightning Rod, and Da Hui. The album also has songs that are more reflective or in line with the more evolved sound they had demonstrated on the prior two albums such as Hit That, (Can’t Get My) Head Around You, and Spare Me The Details. This album has a little bit of everything in regards to the bands evolution over time and it holds true to their identity.

1. Neocon    4 stars
2. The Noose  
4.5 stars
3. Long Way Home  
4 stars
4. Hit That   
5 stars
5. Race Against Yourself   
4 stars
6. (Can’t Get My) Head Around You  
5 stars
7. The Worst Hangover Ever  
3.5 stars
8. Never Gonna Find Me  
4 stars
9. Lightning Rod  
4 stars
10. Spare Me The Details  
4 stars
11. Da Hui  
4.5 stars
12. When You’re In Prison  
3.5 stars

Grade: 83.33 (C)


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