Foster The People: Sacred Hearts Club



This album was actually somewhat of a surprise release because the band released an EP with three songs back in April without saying they where actually from an upcoming album. They just announced the album last month so that was a nice quick wait for what is a pretty good album. This is the bands third album and I have to say I am impressed on how consistantly good they have been. While a lot of bands try to recreate what they did on their first hit album or go off trying to appeal to popular music trends I feel like Foster the People really stuck to their guns on this album. There are hints of evolution and growth throughout the album in songs like Doing It For the Money, Static Space Lover, and Lotus Eater. You really hear the bands roots from their first album Torches in songs like Pay the Man, SHC, and I Love My Friends. The remaining tracks Sit Next To Me, Orange Dream, Time To Get Closer, Loyal Like Sid and Nancy, Harden the Paint, and III, all sound like a bit of an evolution for the bands sound but fit right in with the other stuff. This is a really good third album that holds true to what they have established, adds a few new elements, but doesn’t come off as selling out or following trends.

1. Pay the Man   5 stars
2. Doing It For the Money   4.5 stars
3. Sit Next To Me   4.5 stars
4. SHC   4.5 stars
5. I Love My Friends   3.5 stars
6. Orange Dream   3 stars
7. Static Space Lover   4 stars
8. Lotus Eater   4.5 stars
9. Time To Get Closer  
3 stars
10. Loyal Like Sid & Nancy  
4 stars
11. Harden The Paint  
4 stars
12. III  
4 stars

Grade: 80.83 (C-)


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