Train: Drops of Jupiter


While Train’s first album managed to produce one big radio hit in the song Meet Virginia, this album demonstrates growth and an overall better batch of songs. While the bands most recent album tends to tread more-so into pop, Drops of Jupiter is an album that was much more rooted in rock in a style that fits in with the likes of Counting Crows, Goo Goo Dolls, etc. This album is a good representation of rock music in the transition period from the 90’s to the 00’s. There is this sort of optimistic vibe to the music. This album gives you somewhat of a glimpse back into the pre-9/11 world when things didn’t always seem so tense. That being said, this is an enjoyable listen that can actually provide modern listeners with a bit of an escape. It is reflective of a different time and might carry a bit of nostalgia to some.

1. She’s On Fire   5 stars
2. I Wish You Would   4 stars
3. Drops of Jupiter   5 stars
4. It’s About You   4.5 stars
5. Hopeless   4 stars
6. Respect   4 stars
7. Let It Roll   4 stars
8. Something More   4.5 stars
9. Whipping Boy   4 stars
10. Gateway   4 stars
11. Mississippi  
4 stars

Grade: 85.45 (B-)


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