Jimmy Eat World: Chase This Light



Chase This Light followed in the footsteps of two really amazing albums from Jimmy Eat World. This album takes no time to pull the listeners in as the first track Big Casino starts things off with a powerful guitar strum that leads to some really full sounding drums which lead nicely into the first vocals of the album. The song does such a good job of setting the rest of the album up with lyrics like, “there’s lots of smart ideas in books I’ve never read, when the girls come talk to me I wish to hell I had”, “I’ll play my little part in something big”, “I’m the one who get’s away, I’m a New Jersey success story”, and others that really give off this heartfelt sense of ambition. From here, the rest of the album plays out so well and I could sit here talking about every individual song but that could be tedious. Every song on this album has this sense of ambition not only in terms of what the band is doing musically and instrumentally, but, also in terms of lyrical content. This album is full of heart and that is where it’s drive comes from. Ten years on and this album is just as great as I remember it being when it was new.

1. Big Casino    5 stars
2. Let It Happen  
5 stars
3. Always Be   
5 stars
4. Carry You  
4 stars
5. Electable (Give It Up)  
4 stars
6. Gotta Be Somebody’s Blues  
4 stars
7. Feeling Lucky   
4 stars
8. Here It Goes  
4.5 stars
9. Chase This Light   
4 stars
10. Firefight  
5 stars
11. Dizzy  
4.5 stars

Grade: 89.09 (B+)


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