Cage The Elephant: Self-Titled


Cage The Elephant is the self-titled debut album from this alternative band which was actually first released in the UK in 2008. When the album made it’s way to the U.S. in 2009 it gained the band a lot of radio play and really propelled them to success. This album is really a staple because it felt refreshing and different than a lot of rock that was coming out at the time. The sound has elements of alternative, punk, garage, indie, and even a bit of blues that generate a fun energy and overall well structured music from beginning to end.

1. In One Ear    5 stars
2. James Brown   
4 stars
3. Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked   
5 stars
4. Tiny Little Robots   
4 stars
5. Lotus   
4 stars
6. Back Against The Wall   
5 stars
7. Drones In The Valley   
4 stars
8. Judas   
4 stars
9. Back Stabbin’ Betty   
4 stars
10. Soil To The Sun   
4 stars
11. Free Love    
4 stars

Grade: 85.45 (B-)


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