In This Moment: Ritual

In This Moment - Ritual.png


This is my first time listening to one of this band’s albums and I have to say I was presently surprised. While I had heard a song here and there I never took the time to listen through an album of theirs. In This Moment is a heavy metal band that has been around for a decade now and when I caught wind of this new album and became intrigued by the single “Oh Lord”, I put it on my list of albums to check out. One way to describe the vocals on this album is a mix between Marilyn Manson and Lady Gaga…One of the biggest draws on this album is the vocal delivery that is just so fitting with they feel and approach of these songs. Black Wedding is like flipside of the classic song White Wedding and really seems to do the same thing instrumentally so that may be off-putting to some. Then we get a cover of In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins. They really make the song their own and it’s an effective cover. I would say if you latch on to the energy and style you hear in the first three songs of this album you will most likely enjoy the whole thing. I am pleasantly surprised by this album. I wouldn’t say it’s one of the best albums I have heard this year but, I would say any hard rock or metal fans should give it a try.

1. Salvation   3 stars
2. Oh Lord   4.5 stars
3. Black Wedding   3.5 stars
4. In The Air Tonight   4 stars
5. Joan of Arc   4 stars
6. River of Fire   4 stars
7. Witching Hour   4.5 stars
8. Twin Flames   4 stars
9. Half God Half Devil   3 stars
10. No Me Importa   4.5 stars
11. Roots   5 stars
12. Lay Your Gun Down   4 stars

Grade: 80.0 (C-)


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