The Offspring: Smash



Smash is the third album from punk rock band The Offspring but it is the one that really propelled their career. This album came before we ever got hits like All I Want, Gone Away, Why Don’t You Get a Job, and The Kids Aren’t Alright. Smash has this rawness to it that shows the bands punk roots and over time has held up pretty well. The albums high points come with some of the bands hits in songs like Gotta Get Away, Come Out and Play, and Self-Esteem but, those aren’t all this album has to offer. The beginning of this album is extremely solid as it starts with a somewhat comedic intro that leads into the fast paced punk track Nitro (Youth Energy) and into the iconic Bad Habit which wasn’t released as a single but got quite a bit of radio play. This album really shows a time where this, now iconic band, progressed towards a more full, broad sound.

1. Time To Relax   4 stars
2. Nitro (Youth Energy)   4.5 stars
3. Bad Habit   5 stars
4. Gotta Get Away   5 stars
5. Genocide   4 stars
6. Something To Believe In   4 stars
7. Come Out And Play (Keep ‘Em Separated)   5 stars
8. Self Esteem   5 stars
9. It’ll Be A Long Time   4 stars
10. Killboy Powerhead   4 stars
11. What Happened To You?   4 stars
12. So Alone   4 stars
13. Not The One   4 stars
14. Smash   4 stars

Grade: 86.43 (B-)


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