The Cribs: 24-7 Rock Star Shit

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I first learned of this band with their previous album For All My Sisters which was released in 2015. I wouldn’t say I fell in love with the band but I can say they have an effective sound and style of rock that I would liken to bands such as The Strokes, Circa Waves, and Wolf Alice to name a few. This album demonstrates elements of raw, indie and punk rock with it’s sort of stripped down, bare bones sound and the raw vocals. This album will be appealing to existing fans of the band and most likely fans the indie rock genre. I’m not sure that this will attract newcomers as much but if you like this style of rock give it a listen. I will say that it is a refreshing difference in sound compared to a lot of rock you might hear on the radio or in the “main stream”.

1. Give Good Time   3.5 stars
2. Year of Hate   4.5 stars
3. In Your Palace   3 stars
4. Dendrophobia   3.5 stars
5. What Have You Done For Me   3 stars
6. Sticks Not Twigs   3 stars
7. Rainbow Ridge   3.5 stars
8. Partisan   3 stars
9. Dead At The Wheel   2.5 stars
10. Broken Arrow   4 stars

Grade: 67.0 (F)


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