Unwritten Law: Unwritten Law



The self-titled album by Unwritten Law bridges the gap between the bands earlier music and what was to come with Elva and beyond. This album sounds more stripped down than the albums that followed and it really digs more-so into the bands punk roots. This is an album that really reflects the punk culture of the mid to late 90’s that had a big surge. I still get chills every time the vocals on the second track, Teenage Suicide kick in. This album is very effective with its overall tone and vocal deliveries from Scott Russo. There is this sort of lingering, raw, emotion and angst that is felt in each song that makes this album so special. This is one of those albums that will grab your attention, connect to your heart (Cailin and Before I Go), and before you know it your hooked. I usually find myself listening to this album a few times in a day if I put it on. This is an icon even if it’s not a chart topper. This is a special album from a great band that tends to get overlooked at times.

1. Harmonic   4 stars
2. Teenage Suicide   5 stars
3. Sorry   4 stars
4. California Sky   5 stars
5. Cailin   5 stars
6. Lonesome   4 stars
7. Coffin Text   4 stars
8. Holiday   4.5 stars
9. Underground   4 stars
10. Close Your Eyes   4 stars
11. Before I Go   4.5 stars
12. Genocide   4 stars
13. 418   4 stars

Grade: 86.15 (B-)


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