Simple Plan: Self-Titled

Sp3 final.jpg


Do you remember the time Simple Plan turned into an alternative rock band?…Possibly not because I’m not sure if many people really even knew this album came out back in 2008. This was the bands third album and I have to say it did show a sign of maturity but I think it was more of a learning experience for them. By that I mean that they seem to have learned that they should probably stick to their pop-punk sound because it suits them better. A majority of this album feels forced and has this sense of forced narratives trying to cater to the bands fans. It was nice to hear the band go back to their pop-punk style on the following albums because this one was a failed attempt at something different.

1. When I’m Gone   3.5 stars
2. Take My Hand   3 stars
3. The End   3.5 stars
4. Your Love Is a Lie   3 stars
5. Save You   4.5 stars
6. Generation   4 stars
7. Time To Say Goodbye   2.5 stars
8. I Can’t Wait Forever   3 stars
9. Holding On   3 stars
10. No Love   4 stars
11. What If   5 stars

Grade: 70.91 (F)


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