Coldplay: X & Y

Coldplay X&Y.svg


X & Y was the third album released by Coldplay. When looking into this album a little more I learned that there was a bit of a shift in perspective on this album compared to the bands first two releases. The first two albums where made up of songs that where usually sung from the first person perspective and this one’s perspective is mostly second person. The songs of the album deal a lot with feelings of hope, loss, fear, love, and passion. This album as a whole seems like it addresses brokenness and looks to fix it like in the single “Fix You”. The track “What If” talks about bending and breaking with life’s changes, a subject that is present throughout the album. The other single “Talk” is a song about how everyone is a piece of this puzzle we call life and that we all just need to find out place.”Speed of Sound” is a beautiful song about existence, nature, and how connected we all are. It talks of all these signs around us and how “when you see them you will understand”. This is an album that should be listened to multiple times to really grasp. This album has a certain depth and beauty to it that is unique to this band. There is a certain wonder to this album that is also present in the bands other albums and that is what makes them a great band. I know some people like to hate on this band and it seems like in the past year or so it has almost become popular to hate them…well everyone is entitled to an opinion but this band is really something special in modern rock and their success is justified. In an age where people have lost the attention span to listen to a full album, no wonder people complain. But if you dive into this album and give it a few listens you might just fall in love with it.

Favorite Tracks
Fix You
Speed of Sound
Swallowed in the Sea

8.8 (B+)


One comment

  1. I love this album! I didn’t realize the shift in perspective in their lyrics between this album and the two preceding ones. Interesting. I’d say they’re the kind of band that will withstand the test of time, even with all the haters. Good post :)!

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