Third Eye Blind: Dopamine

Released: June 16, 2015

It’s been six long years since Third Eye Blind released a new album! Dopamine is an album that really fits in with the bands early work of their first three albums. Their previous album, “Ursa Major” was good but, seemed to fall short of the glory of their first three releases. Dopamine is filled with instant classics that would fit right in with the songs of the first three albums just fine. I will say that this album was for sure worth the wait. I’m sure long-time fans of the band will love this album as well as newer fans. Each song on this album is great and nothing sounds forced or misplaced. From start to finish, this album is filled with passion, drive, emotion, and catchy lyrics that will make you want to sing along! It’s like the band got slightly better with age but, their first 3 albums are still classics! Don’t miss out on this album!

Grade: 9.6 (A)

Top Tracks
Everything Is Easy
Shipboard Cook
All the Souls
Rites of Passage
Back To Zero
Something In You
Say It

Other Releases I Have Reviewed
Ursa Major 8.75 (B+)
Third Eye Blind 9.6 (A)
Blue 9.13 (A-)


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